Visit The Castle Of Good Hope In Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is filled with fun and interesting places that are jam packed with history and stories of times many of us may have not been around to whiteness or experience firsthand. Let’s explore one of the Cape’s oldest standing Colonial buildings to date The Castle of Good Hope (Casteel De Goede Hoop).

What Is The Castle Of Good Hope?

The building was built by the Dutch East Indian Company VOC between 1666 and 1679 and it’s purpose was to serve the military as a replenishment station. It has 5 points named Leerdam, Buuren, Catzenellenbogen, Nassau and Oranje. It was structured with a dividing wall in the centre of the castle that was built to protect citizens if there was an attack. A section of the castle was also used as a temporary incarceration facility during the Second Boer War 1899-1902.

In later years, the Castle of Good Hope was named an historical monument in South Africa and in the year 2000, it was officially recognized as a provincial heritage site.

Today visitors can enjoy many things when visiting Cape Town’s Castle of Good Hope and this includes a vast assortment of things to do and see within this prestigious building.

Activities for the Whole Family

There are many activities to attend at the Castle of Good Hope, these include:

  • Horse & Carriage Rides
  • Various Exhibitions
  • Guided Tours
  • De Goewerneur Restaurant

Besides all the exciting activities here at the Castle, one can also enjoy fantastic attractions, which includes the Military Museum, William Fehr Collection and Castle Forge.

So the next time you’re in search of a venue that will incorporate a learning experience, history, fine food and wine, then the Castle of Good Hope should be on your list.



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