5 Of The Most Visited Museums In Cape Town


South Africa features a wealth of history from colonialism to struggles within the country among its people, all which shaped the strong nation, and country we all know today. Museums have always been a “time machine” to help visitors go back, experience, and learn about how things were before modern day.

The following are 5 of the most visited and popular museums within Cape Town.

  1. Robben Island Museum

Robben Island has a long history that spans over 500 years. It is symbolic not only to the locals of South Africa but also to internationals as a symbol of triumph in some of the hardest times and then freedom. It was on this very island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years as well as many other political prisoners. There are various boat trips to the island with ferries that depart from the Nelson Mandela Gateway in the V&A Waterfront as well as guided tours.

  1. Iziko South African Museum

The Iziko South African Museum hosts a vast display of collections accrued over the years and these includes fossils as old as 700 million years and evidence of stone tools that were used approximately 120 000 years ago.  The museum features various exhibitions, school programs, outreach programs and is great for the whole family.

  1. District Six Museum

The District Six Museum is one of Cape Town’s most iconic historic establishments. Over 60 000 people during the apartheid era where forcefully removed from their homes and displaced to outer lying areas known as the Cape Flats.  The District 6 museum was established in 1994 to keep the memory and to share the experiences of those who were removed. There are various tours and visits for the public including schools and teachers.

  1. Irma Stern Museum


The Irma Stern Museum showcases an array of Irma Stern’s artwork the museum itself was her home that had been converted into the museum. She was one of South Africa’s leading artists and throughout her life, she also collected antique furniture and art pieces from other artists. Her work includes oil, charcoal and watercolours, still lifes, portraits and landscapes.

  1. Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum


Bo-Kaap Museum is another one of The Mother City’s favourite destinations amongst locals and tourists alike. Bo-Kaap was also known as the Cape Malay Quarter and residents are mostly Muslim. It is known for the lush cobble streets and fascinating assortment of colourful and brightly painted houses. The Museum was established in 1978 and has various exhibitions and tours. It depicts the roles and contributions of the Malay people in earlier years.

A trip to the museum is always an educational and insightful experience and South Africa as a whole has many museums to choose from. Add a trip to one of Cape Town’s museums to your list of things to do and discover in-depth details of events that shaped the country.








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