Some Easy Walking Trails To Try Out In Western Cape

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Walking about in nature is one of many relaxing pastimes to do to get your mind off everyday hustle and bustle of life. South Africa is blessed with an array of natural indigenous fauna and flora and this is one of many beautiful things to see and discover if you plan on a trip to SA.

Western Cape is filled with beautiful landscapes and mountain ranges as well as a multitude of great places to hike whilst taking in the beauty of nature.

Here are some hiking trails in Western Cape

Cecilia Walking Trail

Located in Constantia Valley along Constantia Neck the trail is 7km long and both regular hikers joggers and visitors frequent this trail. The trail showcases lots of trees and plants and the path will lead to Table Mountain Cable Way and to the historic avenue of trees that was planted by Cecil John Rhodes in 1895.

Cederberg Wilderness Trail 

With the Cederberg Wilderness Trail, you can choose whether you’d like to explore 1 day or 7 days. It is a self-guided trail and hikers can decide if they’d like to hike over the span of 7 days or less. This route can be very challenging and has over 300km of different hiking trails. The Cederberg Wilderness is one of South Africa’s World Heritage Sites.  En-route hikers will find campsites and chalets in which they can stay overnight. There are various plant species on the trail including the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar, which grows about 1000 metres above sea level within the wilderness and is protected by the cedar reserve.

Tranquillity Cracks Hike

Located in the very trendy and popular Camps Bay, Cape Town, this route spans over 5 to 6hours. The name derives from the unique crevices that are clearly visible within the mountain rocks and trail showcases beautiful Yellow Wood Trees that grow out from these cracks. The trail will lead you to Corridor Ravine that lies between Verreaux Crag and Corridor Buttress.

Other Hiking Trails Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Kaasteel Poort
  • Devel’s Peak
  • Deer Park
  • Woodstock Cave
  • Silvermine East
  • Newlands Contour Forest Parth
  • Spes Bona Park

When going on a hike, always ensure that you bring along lots of water and snacks, as well as sun block, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses and a hat. To ensure that you get to capture those memorable moments take along a camera or action camera and don’t forget the mini first aid kit.

There are often eateries to freshen up as well as clean ablutions especially on the longer hiking trails that span over a few days.

For a great experience and adventure of the outdoors then an invigorating hike with friends and family is the perfect solution even as part as a team-building experience.



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