My Cool New Helix Piercing

Wildfire piercing

I wanted a helix piercing for a very long time so to celebrate a new chapter in my life I decided to go ahead and get it this year.

So while I’m at it, one of my favourite malls to check out is Canal Walk, why you may ask? Well firstly, this mall is one of Western Cape’s largest malls with over 400 shops. It is also one of the top retail shopping centres within Africa. In Canal Walk you’ll find everything from lifestyle, to eateries, to hobbies and so much more!

Ok, so before I went ahead and got my piercing I did some research, I prefer reading about something before going ahead simply because I want to feel comfortable and in-the-know about the process as well as what to expect etc. Being a writer I often tend to research more.  My choice of piercing parlour was Wild Fire Piercing Studio in Canal Walk. Wildfire has a great reputation for their excellence and professional expertise within the field; both Wild Fire Piercings and Tattoos are highly reputable for their service.

Having worked in the mall some many years ago, I’ve seen the shop several times but never really went in to check it out. Needless to say when I did finally go and have my piercing done I was greeted and assisted by super friendly staff who treated me with dignity and in a professional manner. The shop has a variety of jewellery on display for various types of piercings. These jewellery are available in multiple sizes and also metals such as stainless steel or titanium for some.

First Hand Experience

my helix piercing

The shop was quite busy when I arrived with many “seasoned” folks all showcasing various piercings and that day having more done. I at first felt a bit intimidated lol because I only had regular lobe piercings. A friendly young woman who also displayed some cool piercings helped me and she then showed me what earrings I could choose from. I filled out a form with my details and bought some cleaning solution. Soon after that, I was up next. I was nervous to say the least but aren’t we all a bit anxious in the beginning? The piercer told me to relax and to take a breath on her mark and before I knew it everything was done and dusted! Lol!

Pain factor… what pain? The process wasn’t really sore at all and literally for me felt like a pinch (using nails) and a washing peg put on that same place. So scale of 1 to 10 on pain mine was a 3.

After care has been going really well, my piercing is healing up nicely, which I am uber grateful for! It’s still sensitive and stings a bit during cleaning but helix piercings can take 6 to 12 months to completely heal.

I can change rings in 6 months from now in which I will pop over to the shop and ask them to assist me with it. I like the stainless steel earring I have in now but I am also excited to get a titanium perhaps curved bar as well as a ball closure ring (captive bead) to alternate.

More To Come?

Oh definitely I will definitely get more and Wild Fire Piercings will be my destination for all my future piercings and if I can get the same piercer, I will definitely have her do the rest!

So if you guys are considering getting pierced or tattooed please make sure that the place you choose is reputable, that the tattoo artists and piercers know what they’re doing. Wild Fire is at the top of my list and I highly recommend them!

Jessica and Candice, thanks so much for everything, you guys Totally Rock!!






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