Fantastic Easter Treats and Foods Around The World



Easter is a tradition celebrated across the world and with it comes vast food and treats. In South Africa most of us do traditional Pickled Fish and Hot Crossed Buns not forgetting those yummy chocolate Easter eggs that has transitioned from the traditional round egg to Easter bunnies and marshmallows. Either way, it is always a feast and a treat for the whole family.

In South Africa, there are many origins of how the delicious Pickle fish came about, some history of this food tradition is based on a time when slaves were sent home to be with their families over Easter period and then as a way to preserve the fish they caught, they would pickle it to last longer.

Today most South African locals celebrate their Easter with some Pickled Fish and Hot Cross Buns, traditionally eaten over the Easter weekend starting on Good Friday (which is also a public holiday).

The origins of Easter are seen often in the Christian religion with some aspects dating BC.

The following are some foods eaten during Easter time in various countries all over the world:

  • Puska (Pyramid shaped dessert) – Russia
  • Columba Di Pasqua (Cake shaped like a dove with a filling) – Italy
  • Tsoureki – Greece
  • Hot Cross Buns (sweet spiced buns with a mix raisins) England, South Africa and other places
  • Capirotada (spiced bread pudding) – Mexico
  • Roast Ham – USA
  • Pickled Fish – South Africa

People all over world celebrate Easter as a fitting family day and create games for kids to enjoy such as an Easter egg Hunt.

Wherever you go and whatever you choose to do this Easter, remember to have fun, enjoy friends and family and be to safe over the busy season!



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