Possible Destinations to Catch the Last Bit of Winter Snow in SA Before Spring

Spring is around the corner, but chances are you could still get to see some snow in certain regions of South Africa.

Growing up as a kid I was always fascinated with snow I saw in movies and needless to say I wanted to build a snowman myself. Growing up in Cape Town back then before climate change was as progressive as it is now, I never really got to see snow in the Mother City that I can recall and I never grew up close to Ceres either. Seasons have changed since then and some cold years in CT even results in lots of cold temperatures, ice, hail and snow, indeed like the year it snowed on the Atlantic Seaboard in 2013, who would’ve thought? Nearly each winter snow is visible from the mountain ranges within Cape Town and all across SA. CBD snow

Here are some great places to visit in winter to possibly catch a bit of final winter snow before the hot days loom:

Virtually most of SA’s provinces are predicting snow all throughout this winter, some more than others.


Located in the Western Cape, Ceres is no stranger to snow; it is also here where locals and visitors can enjoy skiing activity because of all the snow fall in this region during winter. It has also dubbed the name “Little Switzerland”. It offers lots to do for snow activity, a country lifestyle and major producer of various fruits.

Long Tom Pass

In the region of Mpumalanga, Long Tom Pass is known for experiencing beautiful snowfall during winter. The road was originally built as an alternative connecting Lydenberg and Sabie to get to the Mozambique Port due to all the malaria carrying mosquitoes within the Louwveld.

Golden Gate National Park

Golden Gate Highlands

The Golden Gate National Park is located in the Free State and is nestled at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains. The park is home to over various species of animals including Eland, Blesbok, Springbok, Burchell’s Zebra, and a variety of birds. During winter this region of the Free State can experience lovely snowfall.



Cedarburg is located in the Western Cape and is a great place to view snowfall. The region is full of natural beauty and is a large agricultural region. Lush landscapes make for wonderful walks and hikes whilst you take in the crisp mountain air. During winter this region can also experience extremely cold weather with delightful snowfall on the mountain.















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