Affordable Water Accommodation with Knysna Houseboats

Want to enjoy an exciting water accommodation experience in the lush setting of the gorgeous Thessen Islands Harbour Town within the prestigious Garden Route of South Africa? Now you can with your Kysna Houseboats accommodation. Thessen Town was once a little island with a sawmill and over the years it has transformed into a beautiful destination and an ultimate tourist delight. Every year more and more individuals, families, and couples are making their way to this beautiful gem of a destination to enjoy a pristine environment on the Knysna Lagoon and surrounds.


No skipper’s licence required

exterior - boathouse


When renting one of the Knysna houseboats, clients will be given a short lesson on how to use the coat controls and navigation; thereafter he/she will be supplied with a temporary skipper’s licence to make use of whilst using the boathouses.

What the charter base has to offer

knysna houseboat - ondeck

Now you can stop off, fuel up, freshen up, and do so much even when popping off your rented houseboat for supplies. The houseboat staff is available from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Once the boat is securely moored services available to guests include refuelling when necessary, refilling fresh water, pumping and cleaning toilets, light maintenance such as checking of oil levels and motor cooling systems, LP Gas if needed and removal of rubbish.

The charter base offers the following amenities and services for guests:

  • Mooring the boat is a breeze, simply near the boat to the jetty and an onsite pilot will “park” the boat in the designated area
  • Bathrooms with shower cabins and vanity
  • A covered terrace to unwind, take in the beautiful view overlooking the estuary and enjoy a refreshing drink
  • Rentable fishing rods and towable tubes are made available

Catering facilities onboard

You can enjoy excellent “room service” and catering to the privacy of your Knysna houseboat. You don’t have to hop off board because room service is also provided on the lagoon. The catering menus feature various scrumptious foods including delicious oysters, cold platters, sushi, champagne and other beverages. With the Thessen Harbour Town within close proximity, visitors can go and enjoy the casual and vibrant eateries available offering an even wider selection of cuisines.

The accommodation is a great take to a romantic getaway experience on the water and with all the many things to do whilst in Thessen Harbour, you and your loved one can enjoy excellent serenity whether cruising along in your rented houseboat or hoping off to enjoy some of Knysna’s most beautiful beaches, cultural experiences, horseback riding, award winning health spas, fantastic shopping experiences, and activities for kids.

Go ahead and spoil yourself!

knysnahouseboats interior


Knysna Houseboat contact details

Tel: +27 (0) 44 382 2802





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