8 Things That Makes South Africa A Great Place

South Africa has so many wonderful things to offer visitors, we’re not only a friendly nation but we also have some of the most beautiful places to see and enjoy. This post covers some facts on what makes our country so lovely.


  • Pristine beaches

South Africa is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines that will give you the best of both the cold Atlantic Ocean bringing in the Cold Benguela current to the Warm Indian Ocean with the Agulhas Current. SA also has some natural hot springs that makes for superb spa day experiences. There are also more than 30 Blue Flag awarded beaches and marines in SA with Western Cape being home to 23, Eastern Cape 8, KZN 6 and the Northern Cape 1, these stats relate to 2013-2014 records. Blue Flag beaches are a top rating for cleanliness, safety, environmental management and sufficient amenities and are a certificate awarded by the FEE (Foundation of Environmental Education).

  • Excellent accommodation


It goes without saying that South Africa has some of the most prestigious hotel accommodations known internationally. From 5 star excellence to affordable “home away from home” establishments, SA has a wide variety of accommodation types including beach accommodation, city accommodation, bushveld getaways in the Kruger Nation Park,  to the tranquil setup of a wine farms, game reserves and more.

  • Catering for every taste eateries

Many South Africans could call themselves “foodies”, we absolutely love our food. Common meals visitors will notice is the famous “poitjiekos”, “braais- (BBQs)”, “pap en vleis”, “Cape Malay food”, “biltong” and more. We also cater for various palates with an assortment of restaurants specialising in authentic Italian, Indian, Mexican, or Greek cuisine is just to name a few.

  • Great healthcare facilities

SA has some of the most advanced technology and methods used in healthcare and are one of Africa’s leading countries to offer intricate surgery procedures, and a wealth of medically skilled staff, highly specialised and trained in all branches of the healthcare industry. SA also affords visitors access to an array of pharmacies.

  • Education facilities

SA is home to some of the most prestigious education facilities offering international certifications as well as a wide selection of private and international schools from Pre-school (kindergarten), primary to secondary school and tertiary education.

  • Affordable property

South Africa has a large property market that affords the buyer many choices, from low cost to high-end housing markets. As with all properties, buyers will find that the closer to the city you are, the more expensive the property becomes, given the limited space. Buyers are spoilt for choice when purchasing property in South Africa because there are so many different types of places to choose from. For those who enjoy the sea, there is numerous sea view properties all over SA, city accommodation for the city seekers and leafy suburbia’s for those looking for a quieter environment away from the city lifestyle. It’s usually all about the location for many people, and there are many homes located close to schooling facilities, amenities and public transportation. Property in SA is fairly inexpensive compared to other parts of the world and buyers can also choose from apartment living to security estates, free-standing or semi detached homes, South Africa has it.

  • Easy access transportation

SA has good public transportation systems and a selection from metre taxis, taxis (minivans), buses and trains can be made. Metre taxis are usually more expensive and will charge a rate per kilometre but are for some, a better choice, whilst our “minivan” type of taxis may be less expensive, but a bit on the “reckless side” at times. Buses have lots of routes and trains are some of the cheapest forms of public transport, whilst some may have found travelling in 3rd class to sometimes be uncomfortable and a bit crowded at times.

  • Wonderful people

South Africa is home to a diverse, beautiful nation, speaking 11 official languages and 12 with SA Sign Language.  South Africans also have a large cultural diversity some people are very traditional and practice traditional believes, whilst others are of Islam or Christian faith with a few other religious practices including Rastafarian, Hinduism and Judaism.

These are just some of the facts that make SA a great destination, so next time you plan to take a vacation or simply stay a while to study, work or do business then SA is the place to be!

Safe travels and peace to all!







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