Great mountain bike trails in Western Cape, South Africa

We know that the Mother City (Cape Town) is blessed with amazing beauty, not only the people who call the region home but also natural beauty. So with the hot days here in Western Cape and so much great adventures to discover in your spare time, why not gear up for not only an adventurous, but also a health beneficial biking experience. Mountain biking is a great take to exploring mountain trails with ease other than having to navigate the terrain on foot. So with that said let’s get to it with some great mountain biking trails in Western Cape:

Bottelary Hills biking trails

Bottelary Hills

Bottelary Hills has a lot to offer from wine tasting and eco conservations to exquisite accommodation and mountain bike trails.  The trails features a main route called the Red Route and branches out other routes namely “Yellow Loop”, “Purple Loop” and “Green Loop”, “Orange Loop”. The trail travels through private property and showcases envious views of False Bay, Table Mountain and the estate’s wine lands. Individuals looking to go off the beaten track with their 4×4’s may also use designated routes in Bottelary Hills.

Helderberg Farm mountain bikes and trail running

Helderberg Farm is nestled in at the foot of the Helderberg Mountain range and offers visitors a great experience that involves great accommodation, activities for kids, braai and picnic spots, 4×4 trails, wedding and team building functions and lots more. The mountain biking trails is a must experience the location has trails tailored to beginners, intermediates and professionals.

Cederberg Conservancy

The Cederberg Conservancy is home to vast natural beauty and its location right in the heart of Cederberg. Here visitors will have the options for many things to do as well as various accommodations from camping, to chalets and cottages. Apart from accommodation the Cederberg Conservancy also has great mountain bike routes.

Why not take advantage of what the Western Cape has to offer in adventurous mountain biking trails and enjoy not only great scenery and a good workout but also a great way to have fun with friends and family.

Safe travels and peace to all!



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