Sandboarding in South Africa

Sandboarding is an extreme sport tailored to countries with deserts because it takes place along sand dunes and unlike snowboarding that uses snow to move the rider down mountain slopes; sandboarding uses sand to move the rider along the dunes. sandboard-on-sand1

Many people resort to sandboarding as SA’s alternative to snowboarding. There are many advantages to this high adrenaline sporting activity including but not limited to:

  • No need to have excessive specialised clothes
  • Less skills required
  • Less specialised equipment required
  • Loads of fun

South Africa is jam packed with lots of great sandboarding destinations

Knysna Sandboarding

Dune Adventure Tours

Dune Adventure Tours starts the sandboarding tour at Brenton-on-Sea Park, Knysna and participants are provided with a sandboarding guide, sandboards and bindings. This area is known to be one of the best sand dunes in the country.

Cape Town and Atlantis Sandboarding

Sandboarding Cape Town

Book your sandboarding adventure with Sandboarding Cape Town whether you find yourself in the Mother City, or further away in Atlantis. Participants are offered several options

  • Ultimate 4×4 sandboarding – includes 15minutes of training, ride to the dunes, sandboarding down the dune and taken up again (3hrs) of fun.
  • Basic – training and basic sandboarding (3hrs)
  • AVT quad bikes and more

Houtbay and Betty’s Bay sandboarding

SA Forest Adventures

Betty’s Bay is located in Cape Town and has some great dunes to ride, with daily tours and various dune heights, starting from the popular dune in Betty’s Bay, near Clarence Drive.  Houtbay dunes are 2 to 3 hours of extreme adventure.

Visit South Africa for fantastic things to do no matter what adrenaline pumping adventure you’re looking to experience – the sky is literally the limit!

Safe travels and peace to all!




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