10 Great Valentine’s Day Things To Do

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many individuals all over the world and it is an excellent chance to spoil your special other with something wonderful and different than you would on a regular basis.

Romantic basket for two at NetFlorist

Here are 10 great Valentine’s Day things to do this year:

1 – Dinner at a restaurant

Eating out has always been a great way to indulge in fine food and wine and for some, it’s an opportunity to go all out for the occasion. Since it’s on a Valentine’s Day you would probably take to dressing up in some beautiful evening attire. The restaurant may be symbolic of when you first met making it extra special.

2- Dinner at home

For those planning on having a sit-in dinner, you could go ahead and cook a romantic meal the options are endless. You could do your partner’s favourite meal or something that reminds you of your first date.

3- Sunset cruises

Sunset cruises are always a romantic affair, sipping on your champagne or fine wine locally made and eating some delicate canapés whilst you enjoy the view of the sun setting on the horizon.

4- Romantic getaway

When it comes to getaways, South Africa has lots to offer, from bushveld destinations, to spa getaways and more suited to your pocket, SA has something for you and your significant other.

5- Picnic

There are few things in life that beats the good ol’ romantic picnic. It is simple, cost effective and makes a great impression which is simply enjoyable.

6- A dozen roses

This is simply a sweet gesture and a great display of your long lasting bond and love for each other, give your better half a dozen roses this Valentine’s Day and see how they light up.

7- Chocolates and sweets

Sweet treats on Valentine’s Day is a long standing tradition and it is still something many people enjoy. It is cost effective and totally delicious.

8- Romantic evening

This is a great romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day and since many people live busy lifestyles, why not takes the time to spend that special evening with your special someone. With the kids away or with the sitter, you can totally have the evening to yourselves, after your romantic dinner the options are endless.

9- Hot air balloon flight

A bit more on the pricy side but if you can afford it and don’t have much of a fear of heights, then this is totally a must do. There are several places in SA that offer hot air balloon flights some include a champagne breakfast for couples.

10- Breakfast in bed

There are few things sweeter than receiving breakfast in bed from your special other. So spoil your man or woman with a delicious breakfast in bed first thing this Valentine’s Day and the rest of your day enjoyed together.

South Africa is packed with destinations where you can spend your day come this February 14th whether you’re taking a hot air balloon trip, enjoying a sunset cruise or simply shopping for something sweet, you can do it all in SA. NetFlorist is also one of many places to get your Valentine’s Day sweet treats and more online. Go all out this Valentine’s Day and spoil your special other.

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Safe travels and peace to all!



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