Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2017

With Father’s day coming up soon, and if you’re looking for cool ideas to spoil dad then here are essentially 10 of the cool ones to say the least, and is sure to put a smile on any dad’s face whether young or old. The list is in no specific order of least best to best or from expensive to affordable but simply some of the good stuff to spoil him this Father ’s Day.

I-make-Awesome-Babies- Fathers day and baby
Dad and baby combos at Hotkokkerot
  1. Drone

Drones are simply cool whether you’re a beginner or pro drone pilot in SA you can pick up some excellent drones online or visit some stores who sell them to purchase.

  1. Paintball gear

This one is more for a paintball enthusiast dad, so some gear to add to his cool hobby will be a real treat.

  1. Collectibles

Dads can be collectors of various interesting items; some may enjoy collecting coins, figurines, comics, cars, classic movies, classic music, or antiques for that matter. If you know what he collects and perhaps the item he’s been looking to add to his collection, then why not surprise him with that piece to add.

  1. Jewellery

Jewellery is always a beautiful sentiment, and getting him a nice jewellery set, or single item is really sweet.

  1. Clothing

Some may choose to get cool clothing items, or a clothing gift voucher even, so he can choose just exactly what he’d like. You could get a gift voucher or card at his favourite clothing store to add even more “special” into the thought.

  1. Sweet or savoury hamper

Hampers are always a great idea for any occasion, and if you know he enjoys sweet or savoury then why not go for a delicious hamper to make his day.

  1. Vaporiser

Most people are moving from cigarettes to vaping and vaping is said to be less harmful, if you know that dad wants to switch to vaping then why not get him a nice vaporizer kit.

  1. Tickets to a game

You could also opt  to send him to see his favourite sports game and watch his favourite team play this is pretty cool.

  1. Tech

Few things can replace good tech gifts and there are plenty to choose from like wearable smart watches or fitness trackers, accessories for mobile devices, powerbanks, and so much more, your options are really wide open with this one.

  1. Mobile devices

Does he need an upgrade in mobile devices? Why not get him the latest tablet or mobile phone and be on trend with the latest stylish handsets and more.

Mantality, Dad’s Toys and Blades and Triggers are some really excellent shops to check out for both unique and special items that men would enjoy.

So go on then, spoil dad this Father’s Day!

Safe travels and peace to all!





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