Tips To Help You Enjoy Travelling Abroad In Economy Class

These handy tips may help you to enjoy and experience a more comfortable flight in economy class. 

SAA Seating001

Economy class in aviation has many nicknames that vary from airline to airline, but in general it is also known as coach. Economy class is fine when travelling short distances such as local or inland flights but as soon as you cross the seas, that 10-15hr flight can become the longest, dreariest hours ever.

For some of us being able to travel is all but a rare opportunity, let alone experiencing the liberty to travel via 1st or Business class. So when the opportunity is granted you want to make the most of it. We all have an idea of what 1st and business class could be like given the expensive price tag on the ticket. You definitely can enjoy tailor made service, deluxe comfort and your own space to relax and stretch. Economy class tickets on the other hand cost much less and with this comes less luxury and comfort.

What to expect in economy class

  • Less legroom
  • Cramped seating
  • Sharing with 2 to 3 other people in same row of seats hence have to go past them each time you get up to go to the toilet or to stretch your legs.
  • Less space in the overhead compartments and you share with other passengers
  • Limited space to adjust the seat when sleeping

What you can do to get more comfort out of your 7-15 hour economy flight

Amenities are limited in economy class so one of your best bets is to pack some of your own into your hand luggage when you travel.

Handy amenities to take along can include but is not limited to:

  • A good travel pillow is going to work wonders when you need to get some shut eye
  • Comfortable sleeping mask to block out the light when your eyes are closed
  • Some noise cancellation headphones
  • A light throw or blanket (air conditions in an aircraft is usually chillier so to keep warm have a blanket handy)
  • Some socks or slipper like socks so you can take your shoes of and still walk about
  • Earplugs (to block out the noise inside the cabin)
  • Chewing gum (assists at keeping your ears open as air pressure builds up during high altitudes)
  • Toiletries (to freshen up during flight)

Some airlines do supply passengers with amenities, but you can bring along your own as well.

Furthermore, where possible, you could look to see if you can find a row of empty seats because this will be even better when trying to sleep comfortably as you could move the arm rests upward allowing you to lie across the seats. You could also check if there is a window seat available so you can enjoy the view during flight.

Create a travel journal for yourself to document all your travel memories and whilst travelling you could simply use the time you have even on the aeroplane to make more notes. You could also take along a book and catch up on some reading.






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